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Resilient Solutions leadership has extensive experience in safety culture and programs, coming from numerous years of military service in ground and aviation units. Our President served as the Chief of Safety for the United States Air Force, where he was recognized with the National Safety Council’s “CEO Who Gets It” Award in regards to safety culture and practices.

In addition to deep aviation safety experience we have worked ground safety in areas such as motorcycle and vehicle safety, workplace hazards, occupational health and RSL has supported the Defense Safety Oversight Council and the Safety programs of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.

RSL provides on-site Advisory and Assistance services to the Air Force Safety Center (AFSEC), Aviation Safety Division, Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Branch. The AFSEC RPA mishap prevention program utilizes the RSL team to support Safety Investigation Boards, investigate RPA mishaps, and facilitate the safe integration of Air Force RPA operations within the National Airspace System.

Services and capabilities provided to the Air Force Safety Center by the RSL team include:

  • System Safety Engineering
  • UAS/RPA Pilot Operational experience
  • Airspace/Air Traffic Control subject matter expertise
  • UAS/RPA Human Factors subject matter expertise
  • Operations Research Analysis
  • UAS/RPA Maintenance subject matter expertise



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