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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Aviation is undergoing a revolution driven by advances in unmanned aircraft system technology. The commercial applications of UAS are just being explored and understood. Resilient Solutions can guide you through the required regulatory, safety, training, and operational considerations of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in your business.


We believe the guiding azimuth for leaders and organizations can be summed up by “Accomplish the Mission and Take Care of People.” Uncomplicated safety culture and programs are the foundation that makes this possible.

Aviation Consulting

Resilient Solutions consults across the spectrum of aviation topics and areas utilizing an extensive network of highly qualified personnel with deep operational and safety experience in Airplane, Helicopter, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Drone Defense

The revolutionary technology and capabilities of unmanned aircraft can be an affordable asymmetric tool for those that want to use it for illegitimate purposes. Government and commercial entities must be able to protect sensitive sites, critical infrastructure, proprietary information and personnel from the malicious use of Drones.

Program Management

Resilient Solutions is experienced with managing complex projects involving diverse stakeholders and unforgiving environments. We employ certified Project Management Professionals to ensure quality deliverables, on time and on budget.