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An emerging leader in Unmanned Aircraft Programs for Commercial and Public UAS operators, the RSL Flight Operations Program and Manuals are being used successfully by commercial UAS operators and State government operators of UAS.

If you are developing a UAS capability for your organization, Resilient Solutions can guide you through the required regulatory, safety, training, and operational considerations of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in your business.

If you have an established UAS program, Resilient Solutions will conduct a Program Assessment against current regulations, your company program, and industry best practices. We identify the risks, mitigations, and areas that need improvement.

RSL UAS Flight Operations Programs are tailored for each organization and include:

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Chief Pilot, Safety Officer, and Remote Pilot in Command.
  • Flight Crew Training, Qualification, Annual reviews, and Currency.
  • Relevant documents: Aircrew training records, Aircraft maintenance logs, Approved aircraft configurations.
  • Flight Planning: Operating limitations, Weather and wind, Battery management, Air Traffic Control Coordination, Operating Site Assessment, Pre/Post Flight Inspections and Briefings.
  • Accident Reporting


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