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Resilient Solutions is teamed with a leading IT Products and Solutions company focused on Environment, Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) compliance programs. Our team is a unique combination of ESOH Functional experts and IT professionals with extensive qualifications and experience.

We offer a comprehensive IT Solution Suite that encompasses ESOH, Hazardous Material Inventory and Waste Tracking, and Energy Management and Sustainability (EMS). Our solution is in use by multiple federal departments and agencies to include the Environmental Protection Agency, US Air Force, US Army, and NOAA.

• ESOH Compliance: A suite of mobility and centralized applications implemented using an open architecture to ensure environment safety and health compliance, Track corrective action plans, utilize mobile & web-based assessment managers, mobile checklist and mobile ICAP.

• Hazardous Waste & Inventory: Track hazardous waste generation, Facilitate automated disposal with DRMS and other TSDFs, Automate and manage hazardous material inventory, Identify trends and generate reports.

• Energy and Sustainability: Track your command/installation Energy/Utility consumption, Measure progress towards energy goals, Assess sustainability targets , Conduct trend analysis of past performance and develop future projections.




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