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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Aviation is undergoing a revolution driven by advances in unmanned aircraft system technology. The commercial applications of UAS are just being explored and understood. Resilient Solutions can guide you through the required regulatory, safety, training, and operational considerations of using Unmanned Aircraft Systems in your business.

Safety Assessments

Comprehensive assessments of safety programs, safety culture and Safety Management Systems (SMS) are an RSL hallmark. Conducting a safety assessment demonstrates a company’s commitment to safety to regulators, insurers, and investors.

Aviation Consulting

Resilient Solutions consults across the spectrum of aviation topics and areas utilizing an extensive network of highly qualified personnel with deep operational and safety experience in Airplane, Helicopter, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Resilient Solutions will ensure your SMS complies with the philosophy and structure found in FAA Advisory Circular 120-92B (Safety Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers) and satisfy the SMS Standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), as published in ICAO Annex 19 for operations.

ESOH Compliance

Resilient Solutions offers a comprehensive IT Solution Suite that encompasses ESOH, Hazardous Material Inventory and Waste Tracking, and Energy Management and Sustainability (EMS). Our solution is in use by multiple federal departments and agencies to include the Environmental Protection Agency, US Air Force, US Army, and NOAA.